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The CHEF 3D Mink lash is a very different lash that WELOVETISOIT offers. The name CHEF means Chief in creole the language of the island Haiti. The round/wispy lash with multi colors of red, green, & yellow gives a festive Caribbean feel like no other.

  • Made with 3D faux Mink Lashes, Synthetic

  • Long lasting up to 20 wears with the right care

  • Handmade Lashes

  • Super Lightweight 

  • Cruelty Free🐰



STEP #1: when its time to remove your WELOVETISOIT Lashes soak a cotton swab with oil-free makeup remover and rub on lash band to loosen the glue then gently remove lash from the eyelid from the end of the lash band. Never pull on lash hairs to remove lashes, always use the band

STEP#2: Now that you've completely removed both lashes it's time to clean each lash. Never soak your lashes or get them wet, this will ruin them. get a new cotton swab and add some makeup remover and rub the swab against the old glue on the lash

STEP#3: Get a lash tweezer or your fingers and pull off all the glue on the lash. After you peel off all the glue grab a clean dry spooly and brush your lash hairs.

STEP#4: Place your now clean lashes back in the WELOVETISOIT Lash case for storage so it can be ready for the next wear :)))